Some of the areas that we have handled before various For a, including among others:
  • Writ matter under Article 226, and Article 32.
  • Bail Matters
  • Suits for Injunctions.
  • Suits for Breach of Contract.
  • Suits for Wrongful Termination.
  • Civil Suits for Recovery
  • All criminal matter.
  • All type of Legal Letter.
  • Due diligence of properties.
  • NGO, Trust and Society Formation.
  • Trademark Registration.
  • Criminal Complaints.
  • Child custody petitions.
  • Divorce petitions.
  • Divorce by mutual consent petitions.
  • SLPs and Transfer Petitions.
  • Petitions for Quashment.
  • Landlord-Tenancy Disputes.
  • Consumer complaints.
  • Other Miscellaneous Civil Suits.
  • Suits for Defamation.
  • All Registration.
  • All Services Matter.

Drafting and Documentation

All matters of legal drafting such as suits, petitions, legal notices, complaints, representations, Agreements, Memorandum of understanding, Partnership Deed and other Deeds, Joint Venture Agreements, Applications, Bonds, Wills, Power of Attorneys etc. are handled by me.

Banking and Finance

Drafting of various banking documents such as loan agreements, lease deeds, overdraft agreements etc. are done by the Firm. The Firm carries out litigation in cases of dishonor of cheques under 138 Negotiable Instruments Act, Recovery of debt, Prosecution of criminal complaints etc.

Corporate and Commercial

Drafting of various agreements and contracts/MOUs etc. relating to all aspects of corporate and commercial laws and also provide detailed opinions matters of setting up of a company in India and assist clients in carrying out such objects of filing with the registrar, incorporation of a company, to winding up of the company.

Real Estate

Drafting and conveyancing of sale documents, power of attorneys, lease deeds, Building contracts, Rent Agreements, building agreements, suits for eviction, notices, agreement for labour work, simple mortgage deeds, Gift Deeds, Hypothecation Deeds, etc. actively participates in litigation relating to recovery of property, possession, specific performance of agreements, declaration and injunction relating to eviction proceedings etc.

Environmental Laws

All matters pertaining to environmental legislations, including advice and opinions on issues under the Wildlife Act, Water Act, Air Act and Environmental Protection Act and also matters covered under various International Environmental legislations are carried our.

Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Drafting and conveyancing of agreements relating to confidential information, non competition, software development agreements, agreements for sale of technical know how, license of use of copy right, Agreements relating to protection of designs, trademarks, patents, and know how for its clients. I also actively engage in Litigation and negotiation in matters of passing off, suit for damages and compensation for intellectual property rights violations information technology related violations etc.

Income Tax

In the area of Direct 85 Indirect Taxation, I advise my clients on a wide spectrum of tax and regulatory laws including those related to excise, customs, service tax, value added tax central sales tax etc.

Non-Government Sector

I advise non-profit organizations on voluntary activities conducted by citizen's group organized on a local, national or international level, such as humanitarian functions, bringing citizen concerns of Governments, advocating & monitoring policies, human rights and environment or health.

With Us

Renowned and experienced Sr. Advocates of the Hon'ble Supreme court , Hon'ble High Courts and other Ld. courts below and Several Junior advocates.

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